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No Plan - a musical documentary

In a part of Dublin known as the Liberties, which is also where the Vikings settled 1000 years ago, there is a small community of rebel horse owners. And a few years ago, a travelling street musician accidentally crashed her van into the wall of one of their urban horse yards – and out came a horse and a few boys. One of them brought her for a spin with a horse and two-wheeler, and from that day on she was hooked...

The song and short documentary, "No Plan", was released in 2016. It was screened in film festivals worldwide, and won the award for best short documentary at the IFI´s Documentary Film Festival in 2017.


Noel Gallagher, on Matt Morgan´s podcast, April 27th, 2022:

“Oh that was fucking, yeah that was amazing, wasn´t it? Oh it was a girl, she was like a viking, she´d ended up in Dublin, and she didn’t know anybody, but she befriended this gang of lads, didn’t she? And they rode horses through the streets of Dublin. And she wrote this song, it´s fucking brilliant, have you still got that video, it´s amazing, that is moving, that is very, very moving. She goes through all the characters in this gang of these lads, and she´s found her tribe, hasn´t she? She´s like Scandinavian or something, yeah it´s great. And your listeners should watch it, it´s really fucking great.”

Russell Brand, facebook post on February 15th, 2017:

”Who is this amazing person? What is this amazing song? What is going on?!”

Glen Hansard, facebook post on October 12th, 2020:

”Norwigi embodies the best of cultures crosspollinating and flourishing together. I’m a huge fan of her writing and her videos.”

Eoin Butler, music review in The Irish Times, January 27th, 2017:

”The song´s most unlikely achievement, though, is rendering the vulgar expression ”I´m gonna choke your chicken” in a context so funny and touching it actually moved this jaded, emotionally stunted critic to tears.”



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