No Plan - a musical documentary

The Musical Slave spent two and a half years filming life in a Dublin 8 horse yard, and she also wrote an epic 9 minute ballad about what goes on there. This resulted in a musical documentary called “No Plan” (aka “I’m gonna choke your chicken”), and six of the boys from the horse yard feature in the song and video. A few of them also helped her write one of the verses.


The song and music video were released on December 2nd 2016.

“Like a young Bob Dylan she spits out metaphors and political ammunition just as fast as they drop into your mind. About how the boys are actually celtic warriors, about how we let ourselves be tamed by money and authority, and about how we should take back our power.“

-Ando Woltman (music review, Morgenbladet, 16th of March 2017)


”The song´s most unlikely achievement, though, is rendering the vulgar expression ”I´m gonna choke your chicken” in a context so funny and touching it actually moved this jaded, emotionally stunted critic to tears.”

-Eoin Butler (music review, The Irish Times, 27th of January 2017)

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