No Plan - a musical documentary

In a part of Dublin known as the Liberties, which is also where the Vikings settled 1000 years ago, there is a small community of rebel horse owners. And a few years ago, a travelling street musician accidentally crashed her van into the wall of one of their urban horse yards – and out came a horse and a few boys. One of them brought her for a spin with a horse and two-wheeler, and from that day on she was hooked...


She ends up buying her own horse and moves him into the horse yard. And then she makes a deal with the boys: if they help her make a film, she will bring them “cruising” in her van whenever they want… And together, they bring you on a crazy adventure through the back streets of Dublin...

The song and documentary music video, "No Plan - a song about a horse yard in Dublin", was released on December 2nd 2016. It won the audience award for best short documentary at the Irish Film Institute´s Documentary Film Festival in 2017. And it has been screened in numerous other film festivals, including Panarama Eurofilm in Cairo, Irish Screen America in New York and the 29th Galway Film Festival in Galway, Ireland.

“Like a young Bob Dylan she spits out metaphors and political ammunition just as fast as they drop into your head. About how the boys are actually celtic warriors, about how we let ourselves be tamed by money and authority, and about how we should take back our power.“

-Ando Woltman (music review, Morgenbladet, 16th of March 2017)


”The song´s most unlikely achievement, though, is rendering the vulgar expression ”I´m gonna choke your chicken” in a context so funny and touching it actually moved this jaded, emotionally stunted critic to tears.”

-Eoin Butler (music review, The Irish Times, 27th of January 2017)