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They can´t stop you is a song about Dublin and the people there. It won the award for best music video at the Bergen International Film Festival, in 2020. Here´s the jury´s statement:


"This year's winner stands out for its unmistakable authenticity and raw energy. The video is both a call-to-arms and a slice-of-life documentary short that’s a testament to how music and creativity can strengthen communities and move people. The video elevates the clear, yet playful message of the song by capturing a local scene that feels both universal and urgent."


Light is a ballad about a planet who falls in love with the sun.


Cold Wind Blowing is a song about not wanting to work as a slave for someone you don't even know, and about taking back control over your own time and your own life.


I wrote "Berrywine" when I was 19 and had problems with drink and drugs. I actually wrote it when I decided to stop drinking, and it´s a song about any addiction and how easy it is to lose your balance and wreck your life. It´s not about being against drink or drugs, it´s about finding balance and not letting anything come in the way of your light and destiny.


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