"They can´t stop you" is a song I made about Dublin and the people there. Just about how no matter what happens to Dublin people, they never give up, they just keep going. That´s what I really like about Dublin.”


"Light" is a ballad about a planet who falls in love with the sun. 


I wrote this song for the 17th of may (norway's national day). I dont believe in nations or nationality, but this day still makes me think about the concept of society. And I think the point of having a society is to help each other be more free - and my hope for the future is that people can spend less time struggling to survive, and more time expressing themselves and doing what they really want to do.


This is one of the first songs I wrote when I was 19 and had problems cause I was going mad on the drink and drugs. I wrote this song when I decided to stop drinking. Its a song about any addiction and how easy it is to lose your balance and wreck your life. Its not about being against drink or drugs, its about finding balance and not letting anything come in the way of your light and destiny.  


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