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Up Your Hole Productions

Up Your Hole Productions was founded by Kristin Vollset in 2013. This was marked by the release of the musical street film, "Cold Wind Blowing". Since then the company has produced several short films that blend the genres of documentary, fiction and musical.


Up Your Hole Productions aims to make films that show both the rawness and magic of life. We want to create a new form of storytelling, interweaving film, music and poetry in unexpected ways, and combining both social and magical realism.


In 2017, our short musical film, "No Plan - a song about a horse yard in Dublin", won the award for best short documentary at the IFI´s Documentary Film Festival in Ireland. And "They can´t stop you" won the award for best music video at Bergen International Film Festival, in Norway in 2020.

Our upcoming short film, "Robin in the Hood", is also based around the urban horse culture in Dublin, and is currently in post-production. The feature documentary, "Horses & Cars", is also underway.

We hope our films can inspire people to recognise their own power and see the value and beauty of everyday life.

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