The Musical Slave 

The Musical Slave(*) is a travelling musician and storyteller. She plays tropical punk and sings about people, love, cosmic forces, and the world economy. 


The Musical Slave is from Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. But she´s happiest when she´s out wandering. She started making music, jamming on the streets of Lyon, in France around the year 2000. She later moved to London where she ended up making vocal- and noisebased soundscapes. After a few years she travelled to Mexico, and started working as a street musician there. She also worked as a fisher in the Mexican lagoon of Temascal. When she moved back home she started writing her own songs. She has also worked as a school assistant, painter, scaffolder, bricklayer, gardener, and on a farm making cheese and sausages.


The Musical Slave has been performing in the street, since 2003. When she´s on the move she also sometimes makes money selling pancakes. 

From 2006 to 2010 she was in the band Bergen Beach Band.


From 2011 to 2014 she lived in Ireland, where she wrote the famous  ballad, "No Plan", about the urban horse culture in inner city Dublin. She also made a documentary music video for it, which has been screened in film festivals in Dublin, New York and Cairo.


In February 2017 she gave birth to her daughter, Lovis, and until recently she´s been working as a full-time mother. 

She´s now back working on her music, and focusing on recording more of her songs. 


* "I call myself "The Musical Slave" because I believe that the money system turns us into slaves, and stops many people on this planet from doing what they really want to do. When you are always stuck, struggling to survive, you can’t be creative, and you don’t have time and energy left to really live.


But we´re all born with a heart, and we can use this heart to express ourselves, and to fight to turn this world back into the dream its meant to be. And music is a way to spark each other’s hearts, and remind each other to not let anything stop us from doing what we want and being who we want to be."

© The Musical Slave 2015 

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